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Leeb Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-D2-R is a special version of the dynamic hardness tester with a miniature probe. The device has all the functions necessary for operation and allows to perform rapid measurements of the hardness of metals to the operator without experience with similar equipment.

It is usually used for bulk products, has low requirements for the quality of the testeded surface, grain size and uniformity of materials.

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Leeb method for the hardness testing The Leeb probe (D type) is used for hardness measuring of massive objects (more than 5 kg, and more than 10 mm) and made of steels non-ferrous metals, cast irons, coarse-grained materials, e.t.c. Also, Leeb method perfectly complements with UCI hardness measuring method when UCI method is not applied.

Key features:

  1. Hardness testing of standard steels and alloyed steels
  2. Hardness testing of cast iron and nonferrous metals
  3. esting of tensile strength of carbonized steels products of pearlite class for tension
  4. Implementation of the rebound method (Leeb)
  5. Allows user to test the products with weight more than 5 kg and thickness more than 10mm without any additional actions
  6. Wide range of hardness measurement
  7. Allows to test the products with coarse, non-uniform structure (castings, forgings)
  8. Very ease and simplicity in setup and operation
  9. Reasonable price (lower in comparison with the ultrasonic hardness tester)


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